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Simplify your company's training management, in a single digital environment.

Optimize time and management costs, reduce the risk of non-compliance and get a better Employee Experience.

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With Allos Learning Planner 360 you digitize the training planning and delivery processes, in a simplified and evolved Employee Experience.
  • Manage all types of training (classroom, e-learning, on-the-job, certifications for compulsory training, external catalogs) with an intuitive and multidevice user experience.
  • Plan directly on the calendar, with a clear and comprehensive view regarding the availability of users, classrooms / equipment and teachers.
  • Enable self-service catalogs for employees.
  • Get real-time monitoring reports for the entire process.
"I spend a lot of time scheduling courses and yet I can't create optimized certification plans."
"We still use phone calls and Excel to check the availability of users, classrooms and trainers."
"I would need an overall calendar planning view to avoid scheduling and availability conflicts."
"I wish I could easily manage the deadlines for mandatory training and certifications."
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Manage your company's training in a single, 360° digital environment

With Allos Learning Planner 360 you can check the availability of teachers, students and classrooms, and enroll employees in training courses directly from the interactive calendar that can be integrated with Google and Outlook.


Work directly on calendar

Shows the availability of classrooms, trainers and trainees, directly on a single calendar view from which you can create and manage the training offer and enrollments, as well as monitor expiring certificates. Year after year, learning history is automatically saved and it is possible to duplicate past calendars without re-planning the training from scratch.
Work directly on calendar


Easy drag and drop

It is possible to interact with the main tools through simple drag and drop functions, e.g. registering users for the first available edition of a specific training activity. It is simple and intuitive to use and requires no prior training.
Easy drag and drop


Monitor the status of certifications

Get an overall view on the status of certifications and quickly enroll collaborators in the first available course edition.
  • Green: collaborators aligned with courses and updates
  • Orange: collaborators to be registered or solicited
  • Red: employees overdue with training
Monitor the status of certifications
The monitoring and registration activities can be done directly by Managers, Team Leaders or HR Business Partners, even from portable devices (Tablets, etc.).
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Reduce the time and costs of in-house training management.

Official ExtensionsSAP SuccessFactors
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Optimize management time and costs, reducing the risk of non-compliance

A complete and integrated view of all learning plans: scheduling courses and rescheduling the calendar becomes agile and fast.

Optimize management time and costs, reducing the risk of non-compliance
Industry Chemicals

Employees 5.000

Pain Point
Production downtime caused by non-compliant certifications - missing or expired.

Quick win
97% of compliant certifications in full operation, thanks to the real-time and simplified management of training monitoring.

Go-live in 2 months.
Objectives achieved
  • +50% productivity for the HR admin side thanks to the advanced registration tools, the automation of invitations and notifications,
  • 100% paperless process, in line with sustainability objectives,
  • no scheduling conflicts regaring utilization of resources (availability of classrooms / teachers / equipment),
  • +30% classroom average fill rate,
  • -20% of the editions needed to cover compulsory training or certification needs.
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Intuitive management experience
Intuitive management experience
User interface combined with proactive step-by-step guidance.
Planning optimization
Planning optimization
Vision of the global calendar for the allocation of teachers, classrooms and courses, avoiding scheduling conflicts.
Reduction of the risk of non-compliance
Reduction of the risk of non-compliance
Overall overview of training and certification deadlines: no more production dowtime.
SAP SuccessFactors
Real-time integration with SAP SuccessFactors Learning
API-based integration
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Who is Allos | HR Innovation

Allos is an international consulting company, founded in 1992 in Italy and a pioneer in the implementation of high-value HR projects. We were pioneers of e-Learning in Italy and shortly thereafter on Cloud HR solutions.

With hundreds of projects carried out in the HR Transformation field, ours is a complete and concrete service offering: from strategic support in business partnership logic for HR, to the implementation of solutions and the change management required to support any initiative.

We help you achieve your business goals with consolidated models, methodologies, ideas and solutions, thanks to a solid experience built from 30 years of history and over 500 of the most important customers at a global level.

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